Welcome to the Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance

The Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance (aka WACA) website is a work in progress.  We have a lot of material we’re preparing to publish within the next week but felt it was important to activate the space so that you could become familiar with what it will offer and start to contribute.

WACA was created in response to the attacks on Wikileaks and its Australian founder, Julian Assange. WACA recognises the Australian public, regardless of their independent judgement of Wikileaks’ mission, have responded with shock and concern to the systematic crackdown and extreme intimidation brought on Mr Assange and his organisation by governments and corporations.

We are now faced with many important revelations about the quality of our freedom of speech; freedom of press; access to information; net neutrality; whistleblower protection and the basic rights and protections afforded to us as Australian Citizens and global digital citizens.

The Wikileaks/Assange narrative has ignited people around the globe in relation to these issues, however Australians share a singular and pivotal responsibility as we are the only citizenry who can directly demand the protection and lawful treatment of Julian Assange.

Given the significant role we have to play in this global movement WACA is dedicated to providing an open space for Australian citizens to source high quality information and participate in constructive dialogue and community action.

The site will offer Australian and International coverage from a wide variety of mediums and perspectives; analysis from Australian and International specialists in Law, Journalism, Community Leadership, Politics and Academia as well as ready to use resources for community and political action.

You will already find useful information via; Resources/Important Links; Take Action/Contact your Member of Parliament; Resources/Wikileaks Mirror Sites; Resources/Open Letters. Thank you for your patience.  This is your site so please start to comment.

If you would like to offer assistance to produce with site, please contact us via: wacacontact@gmail.com

UPDATE 15.12.2010:

Mr. Assanges’ further imprisonment due to the appeal against his bail order is the most recent indication of the USA’s determination to keep him isolated and get him to Sweden where an extradition to the United States may be achievable.

As you will hear in the below recording of the Law Institute of Victoria’s Wikileaks Forum, the group gathered passed a motion of no confidence in relation to Mr Assanges’ opportunity to fair & just legal proceedings in the US.

If you agree with that, it is CRITICAL we create and you contribute to an overwhelming demand that our government offer Mr Assange safe passage home where anyvalid legal proceedings can be dealt with while his liberty is protected and in tact.

Please visit and use our full resources under TAKE ACTION/ Contact MPs.Listen carefully to Peter Gordon in part 4 as he outlines the detail of his action in relation to those in the United States of America threatening the life and liberty of Julian Assange.
Visit our US Response/Threats & Support page for further examples and context.

Law Institute of Victoria’s WikiLeaks Forum

WACA recording of the Law Institute of Victoria’s Wikileaks Forum, Thursday, December 9, 2010 in 5 parts.

Speakers include: Julian Burnside QC, Peter Gordon, Jon Faine & Spencer Zifcak.


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