Statement on Cablegate

Editorial – by Wikileaks

The Wikileaks Cablegate release is being used by hundreds of journalistic and campaigning outlets around the world. There are now over 1,300 cables in the public domain, and hundreds of thousands more to follow.
As with any story of such magnitude, it is being used by governments and journalists alike: the Iranian government condemned Wikileaks as an American front organization; Chinese and Russian governments suggested Julian Assange should be awarded the Nobel, while Israel welcomed the Middle Eastern cables for revealing many nations share its concerns about Iran’s nuclear regime.
Some of the journalists, governments, and activists going through the Embassy Cables material hold extreme views on a variety of issues. Those views are not Wikileaks’ views.
Wikileaks is an organization committed to transparency and accountability, and allowing whistleblowers to hold governments and corporations to account.
That is Wikileaks’ only agenda, and one it will continue to pursue relentlessly.


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