Sydney Wikileaks Rally – Philip Adams speaks out

ABC presenter Philip Adams was asked to speak but was unable to appear in person, instead he sent through the below statement to be read out.

Phillip Adam speaks:

First right-wing bloggers called for Assange’s assasination. Now voices in Washinton want ‘the death penality on the table’ if they can get him into a US court…..I’m proposing we put him up sainthood – but after Wikileaks leaks on the Vatican that may be out of the question….

Thirteen years ago we decided that Late Night Live (heard around Australia and the world) needed a ‘cyber-space’ correspondent to tell us what was going on in that parallel universe. So the well-informed Suellete Dreyfus came on board as a regular commentator. That year she introduced me to a young hacker called, yes, Julian Assange – a leading member of what she described as ‘the underground’.

Now, that’s a term with very proud associations – particularly with those in France who bravely fought the Nazi occupiers – and the seemed a bit of a stretch between blowing up railway tracks and hacking into computers.. Nonetheless even I could see the potential of this new era of subversion – to fight the mighty powers and monoliths in politics, finance, media and even religion.

So when Julian contacted me a few years back – to outline his ideas for Wikileaks – I was delighted to join his advisory board. As I’ve been pointing out to the CIA (and others in the spook trade) while Julian hasn’t been asking me for advice I’m happy to maintain my unswerving support for what he and Wikileaks have done to embarrass our masters. The big game has been changed forever – the mighty will always be looking over their shoulders and find it harder to lie. Or atleast find new ways to do it. Democracy is being democratised, tyrannies exposed and millions who’ve been fed bullshit for generations are now able to confirm their suspicions. Any attempt to hand over Assange to the US – or any other country seeking to silence Wikileaks. – must be resisted. Australian governmental attacks on Wikileaks? A disgrace…. congratulations to the organizers of this event, Phillip Adams AO,

Below are some further statements made by NSW Greens MPH David Shoebridge via Antony Loewenstein who was present also as a speaker at the rally.

More than a thousand advocates of free speech have taken to the streets of Sydney in support of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Australian-born Mr Assange has enraged the United States by leaking American diplomatic cables that embarrassed world leaders.

He is currently on bail in England as he fights attempts to extradite him to Sweden for questioning on allegations of sexual assault.

NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge told the crowd of more than 1000 people in central Sydney on Saturday that the Australian government should support Mr Assange after Prime Minister Julia Gillard dubbed the website “unlawful”.

“The actions of WikiLeaks are not only lawful, they’re essential for fostering free speech in the 21st century. That’s why we’re here to support those actions.”

Mr Shoebridge said that from a Greens’ perspective, the whaling leaks were the most significant.

US diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks show that as late as February 2010, Australia was willing to compromise with Japan if the deal resulted in a reduced level of whaling.

“Here they are in the major Australian newspapers, they’re speaking in support of an absolute ban on whaling,” he said.

“Yet we now know that in the dark corridors they’re shuffling along trying to cut a deal with the Japanese government which would continue to see the slaughter of whales.”

Protesters collected money for Queensland’s flood victims as they marched down Sydney’s George Street.

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