Wikileaks Free Speech Forum – A Call to bring Julian Assange Home

WACA went along and filmed the Wikileaks Free Speech Forum in Melbourne on the 4th Feb 2011.

From the beginning WACA has felt that the Australian public must play a crucial role in defending Wikileaks and protecting Julian Assange.
Like many Australians, and other citizens around the world, we are extremely grateful for the work of Wikileaks.  We are inspired by the courage of Assange, the whistleblowers and those who work for or contribute to Wikileaks even in the face of outrageous attacks from US officials and corporations, to continue to expose the reality of war, the corrupt and criminal behaviour of governments and corporations and the extent of geopolitical collusion.

The founders of this site, as individuals, citizens, mothers and conscious human beings instinctively know (as do many around the globe) that the narrative being played out in relation to Wikileaks and Assange, has ramifications for us all.  We must collectively ACT on that knowledge, with the understanding that the attack on Assange is an attack on us all when it comes to freedom of speech, citizenry rights, human rights and the right to know what our elected officials do in our name both here and abroad.

This video is a bite sized montage of the evenings event and brilliant speakers, including Julian Assange who directly calls on the Australian PM to do all she can to bring him home.  He also calls on the Australian public to turn their care and concern into ACTION and insist on his return to Melbourne.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the organisers of this forum and all in involved in the Wikileaks movement who have provided support, access and encouragement to us; two activist mothers compelled and propelled on a journey into the global cyber world of citizenry journalism.

This is the full address by Julian Assange screened at the forum:

WACA will post, as soon as possible, the full version of the forum speakers along with our exclusive one on one interviews with:

Rob Stary, Assanges’ Australian lawyer

Professor Spencer Zifcak, President –Liberty Victoria’s

Adam Bandt Federal MP (Greens) & Julian Assanges’ local member

As our interview with Rob Stary reveals –  there are very good reasons to bring Assange home but this will not occur without the support of the Australian public and requires the political will (often only created through public demand) of the Australian Government.


We urge Australian Citizens to contact and visit their federal MP and insist on Assange’s return.  If you film this meeting we would be happy to share it on our FB page, Website and youtube channel.

We urge Australians and other global citizens to contact their nearest US Embassy and insist the USA cease their attacks on Assange and Wikileaks.

WACA calls on PM Gillard and Foreign Minister Rudd to ensure Julian Assanges’ safe passage back to Australia and to clearly articulate publicly their unwavering support and the primacy of; freedom of speech, the presumption of innocence, human rights and the protection of the rights of Australian citizens both here and overseas.


5 Responses to “Wikileaks Free Speech Forum – A Call to bring Julian Assange Home”

  1. Fantastic post, We are viewing back frequently to find updates.

  2. Sandra Rodgers Reply 07/02/2011 at 11:55 am

    We must do all we can to protect Mr. Julian Assange and His Rights. I feel at such a loss. It is so unjust. Thank You for doing this as you are doing it for me, as well.
    God Bless You All. A couple of Journalists that published Wikileaks information say if he is taken to court; they will Stand with Him– I hope they will.

    Respectfully In Gratitude,

    A member of the Human Race- We ARE in this together

    • Thanks Sandra for you support for Wikileaks, Julian and for us. You are spot on we ARE ALL in this together and it is up to the people to decide how we shall move forward and the kind of world we want to live in. We will be posting our interview with Rob Stary (Assange’s Australian lawyer soon). We recommend as does Stary that Australian citizens begin contacting their local Federal MP and demanding Assange is returned to Australia. A list of MP’s can be found under our TAKE ACTION section of this site.

  3. I really like. Actual content and very interesting members. This is great site 🙂

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