This list is compiled by WLCENTRAL and we are reposting here for the same reason – as a resource for individuals to review the truth of the commonly repeated assertion that Wikileaks has told us nothing.

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The following articles serve as digests of the last year’s Wikileaks news, selected according to personal assessment of newsworthiness and salience. They are a valuable resource for anyone who wants to ascertain for him or herself, independent of self-directed reading, whether it is true, as commonly maintained, that “Wikileaks told us nothing new.”

The Nation & The Huffington Post: Greg Mitchell: Why Wikileaks MattersCablegate To Date

The Nation’s Greg Mitchell is by now one of the key names in Wikileaks coverage. HisWikileaks live blog has been a fixture since late November for anyone wanting to keep abreast of the news on Wikileaks. He has also written a book on Wikileaks’ activities since April 2009. In these posts, Mitchell compiles, from his own archive, a huge list of valuable points of information Wikileaks brought to the public eye.

Electronic Frontier Foundation: Rainey Reitman: The Best of Cablegate: Instances Where Public Discourse Benefited from the Leaks
This post by Rainey Reitman lists “a small selection of cables that [have] been critical to understanding and evaluating controversial events.” Among the revelations overviewed are the DYNCORP “dancing boy” scandal, and the misuse of the U.S. diplomatic corp to fix contracts and law reform for big business. Valuable commentary is provided for each entry.

CBS News: Joshua Norman: How WikiLeaks Enlightened Us in 2010
This excellent piece by Joshua Reitman on CBS’ “World Watch” breaks down noteworthy Cablegate revelations by state. A comprehensive and valuable collection of news headlines.

Salon: Glenn Greenwald: What WikiLeaks revealed to the world in 2010
Glenn Greenwald at Salon is a tireless writer on the subject of Wikileaks. He has a formidable ability to dig up old news to give context to today’s headlines – serving often as the institutional memory journalism seems to have lost. Greenwald here collects the headlines from 2010, sets them beside each other, and lets the argument develop itself. Res Ipsa Loquitur.

Huffington Post: Vince Warren: Wikileaks and Democracy
Taking issue specifically with claims that Wikileaks has exposed nothing new, Vince Warren develops a counterargument with reference to actual cables and source materials released by Wikileaks. The collection of references is couched in a valuable discussion of the fundamental commitments of democracy, and the role of journalistic organizations like Wikileaks in this.

The Telegraph: Wikileaks’ 10 Greatest Stories

Before embarking on its own media collaboration with Wikileaks, The Telegraph printed this list of Wikileaks revelations from the period prior to Cabelgate. A digest of the history of Wikileaks leading up to the 2010 leaks and beyond.

Open Democracy Forum: What Has Wikileaks Ever Taught Us?
How often have we been told in world-weary tones that Wikileaks has revealed nothing new – especially by those who want to appear to be in the know? Here is an aide-mémoire of a few of the highest profile revelations.

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