Julian Assange’s Lawyer – Rob Stary slams the Australian Government

In Melbourne on Feb 4 2011, prior to the Wikileaks free Speech Forum, Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance (WACA) sat down with Rob Stary to discuss, Julian Assange, wikileaks and the Australian Govenrments disturbing position on this matter.

Rob Stary does not hold back as he discusses John Howard’s war crimes for his involvement in manufacturing the illegal Iraq War, Prime Minister Gillard’s spinelessness and the need for the Australian Attorney General to press charges against those inciting violence against Julian Assange.

He is absolutely brilliant and we hope you enjoy watching Rob Stary as much as we enjoyed interviewing him.



One Response to “Julian Assange’s Lawyer – Rob Stary slams the Australian Government”

  1. Hi Emily,
    link is on our what’s new page in top right hand corner where it says Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance.

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