Eman al-Obeidi, Libya Woman Claiming Rape, Gives First On-Camera Interview To CNN

Libyan Iman al-Obeidi, who says she was raped by Gaddafi forces, is profoundly grateful for the international sympathy her case has received after footage of her being tackled by government minders after alerting journalists in Tripoli was broadcast almost two weeks ago.

“The world has felt for me, especially women, because I was raped and kidnapped,” al-Obeidi tells CNN’s Nic Robertson in her first on-camera interview. “I would like to thank for everyone in the world who stood [by] me and monitored my case, and felt sympathetic to my plight.”

Though she appears to be recovering, al-Obeidi also recalled horrific details of her ordeal. “I was brutally tortured, to the point of them entering weapons inside of me,” she said. “After two days, they would also pour alcohol in my eyes.”

Robertson says the Libyan government insisted on reviewing CNN’s interview with al-Obeidi, delaying its transmission over 18 hours. According to Robertson, about 10 seconds of footage of al-Obeidi expressing support for Libyan rebels were removed in the process.



2 Responses to “Eman al-Obeidi, Libya Woman Claiming Rape, Gives First On-Camera Interview To CNN”

  1. This woman is a liar, if she was heavily tortured she could show proof. She doesn’t. CNN are liars, the reporter confirming bruises on her hands, without showing them in detail = no proof.

  2. Joost what proof do YOU have that she is lying?
    The fact that the bruises on her hands have faded?

    This is the insidious nature of rape in general, the damage is on the inside of the woman more than anywhere else!

    What reason would a woman have to humiliate herself in front of the worlds media and risk further punishment from Gaddafi’s forces – simply to lie about such a personal and stigmatised crime???

    The world has long know that RAPE is a WEAPON of war!
    Look at Bosnia, look at the Congo RIGHT NOW it is happening!!-

    Look at anywhere there is conflict and you will find women (and sadly young girls and some boys) being raped by local forces or indeed in some cases by UN or coalition forces.

    RAPE is sadly a weapon used in a long history of conflicts in a systematic way to break the heart and soul of the families of a culture, religion or society.

    It has been used and documented over and over again, particularly in Bosnia and most recently in the Congo – it is shameful and it is often hard to prove but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

    Joost – What makes you think that Gaddafi’s forces who are so willing to kill their own people for daring to suggest they have rights would not engage in raping their women.

    The fact that Eman did not reveal the extent of her injuries (some of which included apparently inserting a rifle inside of her) on CNN is hardly proof that she is lying.

    Would you like your wife, mother, sister, daughter to show the full extent of her injuries on CNN?

    Gaddafi’s forces are not the first men to be accused of raping women in a conflict zone and I am sure they will not be the last, however calling her a liar because you can’t see the scars of her experience via CNN is a very big call in a world where rape is used as a weapon not only against women but also against the men who love those women.

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