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11:55 Quite a yarn: Activisit shows up 6 weeks early for Manning rally at Leavenworth by mistake, decides, what the hell, I’m here, why not ask for an interview? Of course, he doesn’t get far, and his car and belongings naturally searched. Some good byplay with guards.

10:40 Woman who funded the tickets for “singers” in pro-Manning protest at Obama fundraiser in San Fran explains here. She remains big Obama backer overall, and heir to Pittsburgh Plate Glass fortune. “I told the president that I had smoked marijuana, and he said that was good,” she said. “So I may not have the approval of the DEA, but I do have the approval of the president, to his face.”

3:20 Lengthy Glenn Greenwald post on Obama’s amazing statement on Manning — “He broke the law” — and now the White House’s attempt to climb out of the hole by claiming he was not referring “spefically” to the soldiers guilt or innocence. Also, as we’ve noted, the absurd comparison to the Ellsberg case. Plus an update on how this compares to the old case of Nixon and Manson.

12:50 My colleague Kevin Gosztola has now posted a second video interview from yesterday, this time with the director of the new film at Tribeca Fest focusing on Collateral Murder and soldier Ethan McCord. Yesterday the video included great monologue by McCord (see below).

12:15 Salon: “The Vindication of P.J. Crowley.” Spoke up for Manning, within a month, move ordered.

7:40 And now UniLeaks — to keep universities honest, they say.

7:30 New cables reveal how India helped Sri Lanka wins its war vs. Tamils. From The Hindu.

7:00 WikiLeaks cables bare secrets of US-Laotian relations | McClatchy


8:40 My colllague Kevin Gosztola has just posted a new interview/video with Ethan McCord, who is in NYC for premiere of the film focusing on him at the Tribeca Film Festival. As I have written here, at The Nation and in my Age of WikiLeaks book, he is the soldier in the “Collateral Murder” video who helped rescue two injured children and has since spoken out about what is shown in the video and against the war. In the interview he claims atrocities happened almost daily in Iraq.

8:30 New low prices for my book The Age of WikiLeaks in print or as an e-book, or brand-new Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences as e-book here and print here.

6:10 Jane Hamsher at Fire Dog Lake asks: “Obama as Commander in Chief says Bradley Manning is guilty. How can he possibly have a fair military trial now?”

1:45 We posted video yesterday, but here’s take from @WikiLeaks twitter feed: “Candid video of Obama spewing prejudicial word salad about WikiLeaks-Manning case .”

11:10 Glenn Greenwald tweets on Obama quote on Manning and “he broke the law” yesterday: “Obama’s claim that ‘Ellsberg’s material wasn’t classified in the same way’ is true—what Ellsberg released was TOP SECRET”

9:30 We’ve mentioned a June 4 demo for Manning at Leavenworth, now here are details.

8:50 The always-useful Andy Greenwberg at Forbes has taken a crack at transcribing sound off the video I linked to last night showing Manning Protester engaged in chat with Obama at close range. Poor audio but Andy did his best.

8:40 Fascinating report on new cables via Italian paper l’Espresso: How US pressured the Pope to support wars in Kosovo and elsewhere. “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s. But when the Caesar in the White House had to take up arms, he turned to the Pope, looking for a benediction for a “just war” or at least “positive neutrality” that did not interfere with American war plans”

8:30 Not sure what this means but: “A court hearing challenging the government’s tactics in a criminal investigation of the WikiLeaks website has been canceled. Three Twitter users are challenging the government’s attempts to obtain some of their account information as part of a wider probe into WikiLeaks and its founder.”

12:05 For all you fans of my WikiLeaks and Manning books in Germany and elsewhere who have waiting to buy the e-books with Euros at Amazon, now you can here and here. They have been available for a few weeks at US and UK Amazons, of course.

12:00 Video of Manning Protester talking to Obama about it at close range after president’s speech (disrupted) today in San Fran. Low sound quality but you can hear prez saying, “He broke the law!”

Greg Mitchell
April 23, 2011


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