Julian Assange’s extradition appeal hearing as summed up by Russia Today’s Laura Emmet

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The first part of Julian Assange’s extradition appeal hearing as summed up by Russia Today’s Laura Emmet :

“Julian Assange has hired an entirely new legal team for this appeal. He’s fired the old lot and he’s got people who have much more experience in criminal law. And what they’ve done is taking a more conciliatory tone towards the court and towards the charges that have been made. And they’re much more concerned with the ins and outs of EU law and specifically the European Arrest Warrant which of course allows people to be extradited within the European Union.

They are arguing that the European Arrest Warrant in Assange’s case is invalid because of discrepancies between the allegations made and the testemonies of the two alleged victims. There are four charges and they range between unlawful coercion, to sexual assault right down to rape. And what the legal team is saying is that there’s nothing in the alleged victims’ statements that amounts to that. There’s no evidence of a lack of consent in the sexual relations that took place between them. They say that three out of four of the allegations wouldn’t amount to a crime in the UK and that the arrest warrant has been issued misrepresents all of that.

They’re also saying it’s important to remember that no charges have been brought against Assange. He’s wanted for questioning in Sweden and so far no more. And they’re saying, has he been accused of anything, is the prosecution on this case underway, which of course is not. And they’re saying if it’s not, then the warrant is innerently not valid.

Now this case is slated to go through Wednesday. If this appeal is rejected by the High Court then Julian Assange has vowed to take the extradition case right to the Supreme Court and even onwards to the European Court of Human Rights. But it should be noted that permission to go to the Supreme Court has to granted, it’s not automatic and it can only be granted if this case is deemed to be in the public interest. Now of course he was last in court in February when the judge ruled against him and said that there was no reason he shouldn’t be extradited to Sweden where he would, according to the judge there, face a fair trial.

But Assange and his supporters have always been worried that once he’s extradited to Sweden, he would be sent to the U.S. That this case was politically motivated and, of course, have noted that the Grand Jury in the U.S. is investigating Wikileaks and that some people in America would love to get their hands on Assange. And there are indeed significant links between the U.S. and Sweden, as detailed in my report…

One Response to “Julian Assange’s extradition appeal hearing as summed up by Russia Today’s Laura Emmet”

  1. I get a litle confused of all what I reed. He was in Sweden not guilty for raping the two Women but only the violions stay????? can anyone explain this for my.

    I have a Question. is it possible to get in though to Julian,and send him a mail or his Website. I hope I get a reply back.

    I hope that you can reed,my reply. I com from the Neterland.

    Greetings from the Neterland and the town Groningen.

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