WikiLeaks Cables of Interest on Latin America, Released July 11-23, 2011

Source from Upside Down World

By Dawn Paley

July 26, 2011


GoB found close US embassy contact w/ “human rights” NGO in New York was behind cell planning to kill Morales

Info on the members of cell accused of bomb & plot to kill Morales, incl Irish & Hungarian mercenaries #cablegate

USG dismisses conspiracy to overthrow Morales in ’09 #cablegate


Wikileaks dropped approx 4000 cables yesterday, most on Brazil

World Cup & Olympics in Brazil used to push telecoms infrastructure #cablegate

1,137 police killings documented as resisting arrest in Rio state in 2008 #Brazil

USG: Brazil at loss on how to protect Embassy in Tegucigalpa & negotiate itself out of standstill in Honduras #cablegate

Brazil suggested blocking remittances from US to Honduras after coup essentially as a form of sanctions #cablegate

Brazilian diplos in post-coup Honduras only had contact w military, thx to assistance from the US Embassy #cablegate

Cable shows divergence between gov’t of Brazil and Petrobras, US weighs intervention on behalf of US oil cos #cablegate

Brazil mining min. suggested joint US-Brazil campaign refuting idea that biofuel crops impact food production #cablegate


DFAIT considered opening democracy promotion centre in Lima, security training centre in Panama #cablegate

DFAIT: “The Latinos don’t want the US at the table and they see Canada as an extension of the US” #cablegate

DFAIT: Harper was committed to supporting President Uribe despite potential domestic political costs. #cablegate

Canada’s commitment to Haiti: road building, school curriculum, police, border posts, coast guards #cablegate

Dade of @focal_news Canada must spend more on Americas as “all the low hanging fruit has already been picked”

Canada’s Harper era sub-imperialism in Americas “inspired” by Australian #cablegate


USG intent on ensuring that Colombia draw firm line between narcos & #cablegate

Cable shows US role in Colombia’s “Justice & Peace” law #cablegate

Ugh, @wikileaks, why out the accused and not the snitches? Nasty choices here as Colombian labour implodes #cablegate


Rare first person cable shows complexity of US maneuvers and narrative building in Haiti in ’05 #cablegate

Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce requested US troop presence in Haiti in ’ #cablegate

Fascinating cable documents meeting w/Bahamas PM as 2004 coup goes down in #cablegate

USG met w Bahamas gov’t in ’03 to see about invoking democracy provision of the OAS Charter against Aristide #cablegate

Cable on backroom discussions between foreign govts and int’l orgs in lead up to Haiti elections post coup #cablegate

State Dept lackeys believe they can back a coup w/o consequences, ie. kidnappings “not political” #cablegate #Haiti

Cable on moving “demobilized” FADH (armed forces) into Haitian police

Haitian elite arming the cops under US supervision #cablegate

Transnationals in Haiti operating amid “urban warfare” incl CEMEX, TOTAL, DINHASA, TEXACO, MADSEN, SOGENER

Revealing cable shows MINUSTAH responds to Haitian elite & US embassy #cablegate


In ’06, USG & Govt of Mexico saw “best opportunity in years for progress in Central America” #cablegate

By ’09, Colombian police were training Mexican cops in San Luis Potosi & Ciudad #cablegate

Cable shows Canada’s itching to get in on more police training or high profile security aid in Mexico #cablegate


3 of 6 arrests in major ’07 Paraguay drug bust were cops. “US dollars at work” #cablegate

Cable on immunity for members of US army in Paraguay #cablegate

Cable on US-Brazil-Paraguay coordinated gang busting in Paraguay


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