‘V for Vendetta’ author Alan Moore stands up for Bradley Manning

August 8th, 2011. Bradley Manning Support Network.

Alan Moore, the world-renowned British author, of “V for Vendetta” and “Watchmen” issued the following statement today in support of accused WikiLeaks whistleblower, PFC Bradley Manning:

Alan Moore

“With any legitimate trial of whistleblower Bradley Manning still being at an unspecified date in the future, it would seem that what is presently on trial here is Western culture itself. When the persecution of an individual who has exposed an evil is pursued so ruthlessly and yet the evil itself is studiedly ignored, all of us know that there is something very wrong with the way that our society is conducting itself. And if we do not protest in the strongest terms about what is being done in our name, then we become complicit.

There is no third option. Bradley Manning and others like him everywhere are vital to our continued moral health and well-being as a people, and unless we offer them our full support in their often dire and isolated circumstances, it is we, as a people, who will end up the losers.”

Alan Moore is a prolific novelist and comic book writer, who has received widespread critical acclaim for creating series such as V for Vendetta, Watchmen, and From Hell. For several years, he worked with the American-based DC Comics franchise on popular characters such as Batman, Superman, and Swamp Thing. Several of his works have since been adapted into Hollywood films.

” Fans of Alan Moore love his work, not only for creating bold characters and gripping story-lines, but also for demonstrating the power of ideas,” said Jeff Paterson, a co-founder of the Bradley Manning Support Network. ” We welcome his support and the support of so many others around the world who are demanding justice for Bradley Manning.”

PFC Bradley Manning is a US Army intelligence analyst who is accused of revealing illegal and unjust foreign policies that have been concealed by the US government. He has been held for over a year in confinement by the Obama Administration without trial.


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