Call out made to Occupy Australia: People of the world rise up on October 15th!

WACA has long been following the uprisings across the globe and calling on our brothers and sisters in the USA to wake up and stand up. It takes great courage to stand in the belly of the beast and say enough is enough. We welcome all those in the Occupy Wall st movement who have awoken and found the courage to stand in the face of the empire and reclaim their human rights, citiznery rights and democracy.

WACA believes it is now the responsibility of us all across the globe to stand in solidarity with those citizens from MENA and more recently Europe and the USA who refuse to live in a world that priviledges only the few.

WE must be willing to envisage and create the world we wish to live in. This begins with standing up to the corporatised, militarised, media spinning governments across the globe who we have allowed to usurp our sovereignty. We the people are THE most potent superpower in the world and when we stand together in honour and respect for eachother and this amazing planet we call home, anything is possible. So get up off the couch and join us in activating the change that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and Bradley Manning have risked their life and liberty for and that Anonymous have been couragously campaigning for. This is it folks, time to walk the talk!


As the Occupy Wall St protests continue to spread, a call out has been made for  MelbourneBrisbane SydneyAdelaide and Perth to join the global day of action United for Global Change on October 15th. Regional centres are now joining with events announced in Townsville and Bryon Bay.

Occupy Melbourne has stated the aim of“NON-VIOLENTLY sending a message to the financial sector worldwide. Australia too is under the same bind of freedom because of monetary policy and corporate greed. Show your support for Occupy Wall Street! Occupy Australia!!!”

The day is an attempt to unite the struggle by ordinary people around the world for a true democracy. A democracy where the needs of the majority of people is put before the profits and privileges of the few. A world united under the banner of solidarity, workers and human rights, peace and environmental justice.

It is time for Australia to join the global movement that has seen non-violent mass protests and uprising against both military dictators and the dictators of capital in Greece, Yemen, Chile, Egypt, Tunisia, IsraelUSA, Spain, Portugal, Libya, Syria, Bahrain, the UK and beyond.

It’s time for us to unite. It’s time for them to listen.

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The relevance of such an anti-corporate, anti-capitalist demonstration to Australia cannot be doubted. Does anyone seriously believe that Australian democracy is currently structured to support the needs of the majority rather than protect the interests of the few?This is a country where a few multi-national mining companies orchestrated the sacking of a serving Prime Minister to avoid the paying a mining tax. BHP recently announced a profit of $22 billion dollars.

  • This is a country where our climate change policy includes compensating the worst and biggest corporate polluters billions of dollars.
  • This is a country where the cost of housing is out of reach for so many people in both the rental and private markets, whilst large developers, banks and speculators make billions in profits.
  • This is a country where the cost of living continues to rise as people pay more and more for their basic utilities as private corporations rake in profits in the electricity, gas and telecommunications sectors.
  • This is a country that is still at war,10 years after invading Afghanistan despite the majority of Australians opposing the war.
  • This is a country where the suppression of workers rights continues under both the Federal ALP and Coalition and where wages for ordinary people continue to stagnate.
  • This is a country where the environment whether it be in the Kimberleys or the forests of NSW, Victoria or Tasmania is constantly sacrificed on the altar of corporate profits
  • This is a country where Indigenous people are still being oppressed and subject to assimiliationist policies so mining companies can access the resources on their land
  • This is a country where education is increasingly expensive and user-pays as students have to work harder and accrue massive debts.
  • This is a country where both major parties seek to divide us from the real problems we face and turn our anger on defenceless asylum seekers who we lock up in gulags.

It’s time for us to unite. It’s time for them to listen.

Melbourne Organisational Links

Occupy Melbourne Website
Occupy Melbourne On Facebook
Call out made on Indymedia to Occupy Melbourne
Occupy Melbourne on Twitter

Sydney Organisational Links

Occupy Sydney on Facebook
On Indymedia
Oct 1st planning session

Perth Organisational Links

Occupy Perth on Facebook
Occupy Perth General Assembly on Facebook
Occupy Chogm on October 28th on Facebook and Indymedia

Brisbane Organisational Links

Occupy Brisbane on Facebook
Occupy Brisbane on Twitter
Occupy Brisbane on Meetup

Adelaide Organisational Links

Occupy Adelaide on Facebook
Occupy Adelaide on Twitter
October 16th Adelaide rally

Regional Events

Occupy Corporate Byron Bay

On Indymedia and Facebook

Occupy Townsville

On Indymedia and Townsville

Call out made to Occupy Melbourne on Facebook

Are you sick of the corporate governed society in which we now live? Have you been laid off due to the banks self-perpetuated financial meltdown? Are you struggling to make ends meet as a result of this corrupt system? Do you believe in fighting for your rights? Then its time to join the Global Revolution – millions of people worldwide have protested for their rights as human beings of this planet… and have changed the way of the future – its time we in Australia get off our couches, put down our VB’s and join the rest of the world in fighting for our rights and the rights of our fellow human beings. Take a stand. Come and march with us on Saturday October 15th 2011. The whole world will be in revolt on this day – let’s show the worlds rich and greedy 1% that we, the 99%, are where the power truly lies. Remember, the strongest point of the pyramid is but at its base. This will be a time where you can voice your thoughts and opinions, say what you have wanted to say, and stand up for your rights to do so.This protest, as with the many others occurring all around the world, is multifaceted, with many issues being discussed and voiced. It is time now to let us know what you want to fight for on this day. Just as important as it is to fight for our rights, showing love and gratitude for life will balance this protest, so let’s not fuel it with anger, fear and hatred, but lets put a positive spin on it with words of harmony and peace. This is the difference between the wagers of war and the peaceful protesters. Kindness and love are met equally with kindness and love. This is the way of the future.

Call out to Occupy Brisbane on Meetup

We are peaceful citizens from all walks of life looking to occupy Brisbane until change occurs. (More to come) Gaining our genesis from ‘Occupy Wall St’, we believe financial institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.Go here for more information on the birth of Occupy Wall St – the principles of Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jnr & Jesus – Not Bush / Obama, Napoleon & Caesar.We’re currently are in our embryonic stage of development.We’ll ALWAYS remain peaceful and respectful of all political persuasions, working with Police & the people of Brisbane.“We simply propose a directly democratic and non-hierarchical social situation where neither capital nor the state determine the way we live or how society functions – that is what would be ideal. In other words, a real democracy in which we consciously and collectively determine social life. This is incompatible with both capitalism and state socialism – both of which produce economic and political monopolies.”occupybrisbane@gmail.com5 Tips for occupation:…

Background Information

Occypy Wall St Background


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