1. WikiLeaks and Assange have not been charged with any crime in any country in the world.   See http://justice4assange.com
  2.  WikiLeaks and Assange have been recognized for quality investigative journalism with many prestigious awards. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JulianAssange
  3. WikiLeaks has a perfect record regarding information reliability. No government has denied the authenticity of any documents.
  4. WikiLeaks redacts its documents, so to date not one person has been physically harmed by its publications.
  5. WikiLeaks exposes government and corporate corruption, fraud, shady deals, war crimes, torture, and kidnapping. It is in the public interest to know these things.
  6. WikiLeaks partnered with The Guardian, New York Times, Der Spiegal, Le Monde, and El Pais to publish Cablegate. Why target only WikiLeaks?
  7. WikiLeaks acts in accordance with traditional journalism. It publishes information given by various sources.
  8. WikiLeaks acts like traditional media but protects its sources with a secure anonymous Drop Box.
  9. WikiLeaks is a legal, legitimate, online news publisher, recognized as such by other journalist organizations worldwide.
  10. WikiLeaks is a non-profit independent publisher funded by donations from ordinary citizens from around the world.
  11. WikiLeaks goal is altruistic: “Justice Through Transparency.” WikiLeaks is a catalyst for democracy movements around the world.
  12. WikiLeaks launched in 2006 to provide safety for whistleblowers in Third World regimes and dictatorships, and to inform the world of their plight.
  13. For the first four years, WikiLeaks published government and corporate wrong-doings from many countries.
  14. In 2010 WikiLeaks received files for the U.S. Collateral Murder video, Afghan War Diaries, Iraq War logs,  and U.S. Embassy cables.
  15. The U.S. war videos and documents revealed war crimes, rorting, and lying by the U.S. government, regarding civilian casualties and war progress.
  16. U.S. cables revealed government and corporate exploitation, bullying, and manipulation of other governments (as well as good actions by U.S. officials).
  17. The cables revealed and confirmed to people WHO in their own governments and corporations was involved in shady wrong-doings.
  18. WikiLeaks exposed the attempted ALP “Clean Feed” internet censorship plan for Australia.
  19. The Australian government promoted “Clean Feed” as a way to filter child porn. The police opposed this as the images were peer-to-peer (not websites).
  20. WikiLeaks published the “Clean Feed” blacklist, which included politically contentious sites, anti-abortion   sites, and euthanasia sites as well as WikiLeaks.
  21. “Clean Feed” was abandoned as a direct result of WikiLeaks’ exposure of its fundamentally undemocratic political nature.
  22. WikiLeaks exposed ALP Senator Mark Arbib as a protected source for the U.S. government for 4 years.  Arbib was involved in an ALP coup that overthrew an elected Australian Prime Minister.
  23. A 2007 WikiLeaks cable showed that the Australian government was risking the Great Barrier Reef, and secretly wavering penalties for U.S. tankers breaching laws in Torres Strait.
  24. In line with WikiLeaks’ harm minimization procedures, WikiLeaks asked the U.S. State Department to help with cable redactions. They refused.
  25. Note the timing;
    5/4/10          Collateral Murder video
    24/6/10        Gillard coup
    25/7/10        Afghan Diaries released
    20/8/10        Sex allegations surfaced
    22/10/10     Iraq War logs released
    28/11/10     Cablegate released
  26. After the Afghan War Diary release, Julian visited Sweden to obtain residency and base  WikiLeaks there (because they have good whistleblower laws).
  27. The U.S. was aware of more WikiLeaks releases to come and wrote threatening letters. Julian warned of entrapment plans.
  28. Woman AA invited Julian to speak in Sweden at a seminar about Afghanistan in mid August 2010
  29. Woman AA offered Julian her flat to stay in as she was going to be away but returned early.
  30. Woman SW stated she went to seminar to meet Julian & invited him to stay at her place.
  31. Both women have stated to police and media that sex was consensual and non-violent.
  32. Exculpatory evidence (txts 2 friends) show women had no complaints re sex till finding out about each other.
  33. Evidence (100+ txts btwn AA and SW) speak of revenge, making money, and ruining Julian’s reputation by going to press.
  34. AA takes SW to visit a police station, not close by, but where her friend officer Irmeli Krans works.
  35. Officer Krans stayed back hours after shift ended to interview SW.
  36. Swedish police breach all their own procedures interviewing women AA & SW.
  37. Police interviews with women AA & SW were not recorded (against procedure).
  38. SW was so upset that police were going to allege rape, she does not sign her interview statement.
  39. SW has stated she felt “railroaded” into making the complaint.
  40. In Sweden, consensual, non-violent sex can be legally defined as “rape”.
  41. On the same day, 1st prosecutor Maria Haljebo Kjellstrand unlawfully told the press Julian was wanted for rape.
  42. Julian was not interviewed or informed. He found out in the tabloid newspaper “Expressen” that he was wanted for double rape.
  43. Within hours there were millions of website hits for “Assange” + “rape” causing irreparable harm to Julian’s reputation.
  44. Next day, after reviewing the file, Stockholm’s Chief Prosecutor Eva Finne threw out the rape allegation.
  45. “I consider there are no grounds for suspecting he has committed rape,” said Eva Finne, the Chief Prosecutor.
  46. The investigation into the lesser allegations of harassment only continued.
  47. Julian offered himself for interview on 30/8/10. Police promised not to unlawfully leak interview to the media again.
  48. Julian’s police interview unlawfully turned up in the tabloid Expressen again the next day.
  49. Julian and his witnesses’ interviews are videotaped while the women and their witnesses are not.
  50. The witness list becomes unbalanced against Julian as police do not follow up interviews with his witnesses.
  51. Police continue to leak file to tabloid media redacting sections favourable to Julian or unfavourable to women.
  52. The interpreter in police interrogation Gun Von Krusenstjerna was not authorized by relevant authority.
  53. Swedish Social Democrat politician Claus Borgstrum is appointed as lawyer for AA & SW.
  54. Claus Borgstrum and partner Thomas Bodstrum run a thriving legal practice around rape cases.
  55. Officer Krans, Borgstrum, Bodstrum and AA are all members of the Swedish Social Democrats Party.
  56. One month after the Assange sex allegations, they all stood for election on a sexual offences reform platform.
  57. Swedish judge Brita Sundberg-Weitman (retired) says: “Mr Borgstrum is a politician whose platform is associated with radical feminist activism, and he has developed a legal practice around acting for complainants in rape cases. In recent years, elements of the Social Democrats Party, including one of the complainants (AA) who is a well-known and aspiring social democrat politician, and her lawyer Mr Borgstrum and some public officials like Ms Ny, have taken the lead amending Swedish law, so as to try to make it more favourable to women. It is a fact that people like Marianne Ny and Claes Borgstrum have worked in co-operation to produce our new, more stringent sexual offences laws.”
  58. Borgstrum appealed the decision to dismiss the rape investigation to prosecutor Marianne Ny.
  59. Julian Assange was not informed about the appeal, so he had no opportunity to make submissions.
  60. On the 1st of September 2010, Marianne Ny granted the appeal and reinstated the rape investigation.


JUSTICE FOR ASSANGE @ http://www.swedenversusassange.com


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