The World Tomorrow: Cypherpunks (E8)

Episode 8

Jacob Applebaum is a staff research scientist at the University of Washington, and a developer and advocate for the Tor Project, which is an online anonymity system for everyday people to fight against surveillance and against internet censorship. Jacob believes that everybody has the right to read, without restriction, and the right to speak freely, with no exception. In 2010, when Julian Assange couldn’t deliver a talk in New York, Jacob gave the talk instead. Since then, he has been harrassed by the U.S. government: interrogated at airports, subjected to invasive pat-downs while being threatened with prison rape by law enforcement officials, had his equipment confiscated and his online services subject to secret subpoena. Jacob is uncowed by these measures, and remains an outspoken advocate of freedom of expression, and a vocal supporter of WikiLeaks.

Andy Mueller-Maguhn is a long time member of the Chaos Computer Club in Germany, and a former spokesman. He is a specialist on surveillance, working in a journalistic capacity on the surveillance industry with his project wiki, Andy works in cryptographic communications, and runs a company called Cryptophone, which markets secure voice communication devices to commercial clients.

Jeremie Zimmermann is the co-founder and spokesperson for the citizen advocacy group La Quadrature du Net, the most prominent European organization defending anonymity rights online and promoting awareness of regulatory attacks on online freedoms. Jeremie works to build tools for the public to use to take part in public debate and to try to change things. He is mostly involved with the copyright wars, the debate around net neutrality and other regulatory issues that are crucial for the future of a free internet. Shortly after sitting for his interview on The World Tomorrow he was stopped by two FBI officers while leaving the United States, and was interrogated about Assange and WikiLeaks.


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