This Sunday the 1st July the people of Melbourne will take to the streets in support of Julian Assange.

Julian is currently awaiting the outcome of his request for political asylum from the Ecuadorian Government .WACA urges the people of Melbourne to take to the streets to defend Julian Assange, who has not been charged with any crime in any country.

In Melbourne RAP NEWS will be performing live along with Natalie Pa’ apa’s of Blue King Brown who will speak and may also give us a taste of her sublime and powerful vocals. 

WHEN: Sunday July 1st 2012

TIME: Midday

WHERE: State Library – Swanston St Melbourne then March to City Square

Download colour flyer

Download B & W flyer


Speakers include:
Robbie Thorpe (indigenous activist)
Adam Bandt MP (Australian Greens deputy leader)
Daniel Mathews (WikiLeaks founding member)
Natalie Pa’apa’s (Singer – Blue King Brown)
Lizzie O’Shea (human rights lawyer)
Patrick OConnor (SEP Melbourne by-election candidate)
Greg Barns (Australian Lawyers Alliance president)
Sean Bedlam (activist/comedian)
Dave Haidon (Pirate Party)
James Johnson (lawyer and Independent candidate for Lalor)
Joel Kershaw (Occupy Melbourne)
NicK Carson (Citizen Media Collective)

The clearly politically motivated request to extradite him to Sweden, places Julian in great danger of being ‘temporarily surrendered’ to the USA under the bilateral Swedish – USA extradition agreement. Without guarantees from the UK, Swedish and USA authorities that they will not onwardly extradite him, it makes complete sense for him to seek Asylum. The relentless pursuit of Julian by colluding authorities and the abandonment of Julian by the Australian Government should send shivers down our collective spine. Julian Assange is the canary in the coal mine signalling the clear degradation of free speech, free press, whistle blower rights and the abuse of citizenry and civil rights. If we do not stand up now for Julian Assange, who will dare to speak or publish truth to corrupted power in the future? 

WACA is calling on the Government of Ecuador to grant Julian Assange political asylum and for the UK Government to ensure his safe passage out of the country.

If Julian is not granted asylum WACA is calling on the Australian Government to do its job and duty by applying all diplomatic and political pressure by  seeking written humanitarian guarantees from the Swedish Government:

That Julian Assange will not be onwardly extradited to the USA.

That Julian Assange will be granted bail and allowed media and observers to be present at his trial if he is charged.

That once the Swedish process is completed they will immediately repatriate him to Australia rather than hand him over to the USA.



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