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GLOBAL ASSANGE RALLY 30/31 MAY- UPDATED Locations and Resources

Download Melbourne RALLY Flyer Download GLOBAL RALLY Flyer Download ASSANGE MASK Download Australian PETITION Download WL FOWL Statement See @SomersetBean’s website for tons of posters that can be hung up, passed out, or used as placards! Australia: Note: Supreme Court verdict to be handed down in the evening; rallies take place the following day (May 31). See […]

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Beat The Blockade: On April 5th, Donate $5 to Wikileaks

ON APRIL 5, DONATE $5 TO WIKILEAKS Log on to Protest the extrajudicial financial blockade of WikiLeaks. Help raise vital funds so that WikiLeaks can continue its important work providing the truth about corruption and wrong doing around the world. Since 7th December 2010, Bank of America, VISA, MasterCard, PayPal and Western Union have subjected […]

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Call out made to Occupy Australia: People of the world rise up on October 15th!

WACA has long been following the uprisings across the globe and calling on our brothers and sisters in the USA to wake up and stand up. It takes great courage to stand in the belly of the beast and say enough is enough. We welcome all those in the Occupy Wall st movement who have […]

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