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Glenn Greenwald with David Barsamian

Below is a a small taste of Glenn Greenwald at the Cultural Freedom presentation. -WACA- This entire Cultural Freedom presentation and conversation is available at: From: lannanfoundation | Mar 13, 2011 Glenn Greenwald is an attorney and is the author of three books: How Would a Patriot Act?, A Tragic Legacy, and Great American […]

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More on Julian Assange and Inciting the Whackers – Peter Kemp

Further to my open letter on those inciting murder upon Julian Assange, this op ed style post again responds to those who say that Julian Assange should be kidnapped, executed, murdered or otherwise be “whacked”, to use a favourite Hollywood gangster expression. It is a much expanded variant of the open letter to the inciters […]

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USA Response to Wikileaks

The administrators  of this site think it is important to create a record of the public threats, balanced with a record of public support, made in relation to our fellow citizen, Julian Assange, by citizens of The United States of America. THREATS Video Evidence: Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters on FOX NEWS: Mike Huckabee, Ex-Governor of […]

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